About Us

VDarts was established in 2007, focusing on transforming the dart game and player experience, creating a global dart platform based on global players, through the Internet and technology. The ultimate goal is to connect people, so that players from all over the world can play together, no matter time and place.

Super V

In order to promote sport events, VDarts has organized international dart competitions named "Super V", which has attracted professional dart players with a champion prize of US$ 20.000.

Diversified Products

VDarts continues the independent development of software and hardware, and strives to keep improving its services, thus establishing a diversified product range. Whether it is a dartboard for private home use or coin operated dart machines for commercial use, VDarts can meet different needs.

Global Brand

At present, the VDarts dartboards and dart machines have spread in more than 40 countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Portugal, Australia, Spain, France, Canada, the United States, etc.