Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


1 Introduction

1.1 Welcome to the VDarts Platform operated by Letswin Technology Co., Ltd., Taiwan and its enterprises (individually and collectively referred to as "VDarts"). VDarts takes seriously its responsibilities under applicable privacy and personal data protection laws and regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Law"), and is committed to respecting all use of the VDarts website and mobile apps (hereinafter referred to as the "platform") Privacy and concerns (we refer to this platform and the services we provide on this platform collectively as "service"). Users who register for an account with us to use this service, including buyers and sellers (individually and collectively referred to as "users"), we understand that the personal data you entrust to us is extremely important and must be properly managed. Protection and processing of your personal data is our responsibility. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "privacy policy" or "policy") is designed to help you understand how we collect, use, disclose and/or process what you provide to us and/or what we have related to you. To assist you in making an informed decision before providing us with any personal data, please read this privacy policy carefully.

1.2 "Personal data" refers to the information about an individual, whether it is true or not, and the individual can be identified through the data, or through the data and other organizations that hold or may have the authority to access data. Common examples of personal data include name, ID number, and contact information.

1.3 If you use this service, register an account with us, visit our platform or access this service, you are aware of and agree to accept the practices, requirements and/or policies outlined in this privacy policy, and hereby agree to our collection and use, reveal and/or process the personal data described here. If you do not agree that your personal data will be processed in the manner described in this privacy policy, please do not use our services or access this platform. If we change the privacy policy, we will notify you by including the announcement of these changes or the revised privacy policy on this platform. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, your continued use of this service or platform, including ordering goods, shall be deemed to have understood and agreed to the modification of this privacy policy.

1.4 This privacy policy is applicable in conjunction with other notices, contract terms, and consent terms applicable to our collection, storage, use, disclosure or processing of your personal data, but does not exclude the latter, unless we expressly declare otherwise.

1.5 This privacy policy applies to buyers and sellers who use this service, unless expressly excluded otherwise.


2. When will VDarts collect personal information?

2.1 We will/ may collect your personal data when:

(a) you register and/or use this service or this platform, or open an account with us;

(b) you submit forms via online or physical forms, including but not limited to application forms or other forms related to our products or services;

(c) you sign an agreement, or provide other documents or information for your interaction with us, or when you use our products and services;

(d) you interact with us via telephone (may be recorded), letters, faxes, face-to-face meetings, social media platforms and emails, including when interacting with our customer service staff;

(e) you use our electronic services, or interact with us through our apps or using services on our platform. This includes, but is not limited to, through cookies (which may be deployed when you interact with our apps or platforms);

(f) you allow sharing of information with our apps or platforms on your mobile device;

(g) you link your VDarts account with your social media account or other external accounts or use other social media functions, in accordance with the service provider's policy;

(h) you conduct transactions through this service;

(i) you provide comments or complaints to us;

(j) you register for the contest; or

(k) you submit personal data to us for any reason.

The above situations do not cover all situations, but only some common examples where your personal information may be collected.


3. What personal information does VDarts collect?

3.1 VDarts will collect users' personal data within the necessary scope for using this service, including but not limited to:

• Name;

•  Email address; 

•  Date of birth; 

• Billing and/or shipping address;

• Bank account and payment information;

•  Telephone number; 

• Gender;

• Information related to the device you use to access this service or this platform or information sent by that device;

• Information about your internet and the people you interact with and their accounts;

• Photos, recordings or videos that you share with us;

• Based on our due diligence, customer knowledge, identity verification or fraud prevention and other purposes required by government agencies to issue certificates or other information;

• Marketing and communication information, such as your preferences for receiving marketing information from us or third parties, your communication preferences and records of communications with us, our service providers or other third parties;

• Use and transaction records, including your search, order content, advertising content you interact with on this platform, and other products or services related to you;

• Location information;

• Any other information about the user provided when the user registers to use the service or the platform and the user uses the service or the platform; and aggregate user interactions Information about the content.

3.2 You agree not to provide us with any erroneous or misleading information, and you agree to notify us if there are any errors or changes in the information you provide. We reserve the right to unilaterally decide to ask you for further documents to verify the information you provide.

3.3 If you do not want us to collect the aforementioned information/personal data, you can opt-out by notifying our "Data Protection Officer" in writing at any time. You can find further information on opt-out in the section below titled "How to withdraw consent, remove, request access or modify the information you provide us?" However, please note that if you do not allow or disagree with our collection, use or processing of your personal data, your use of this service and this platform may be affected. For example, preventing us from collecting information about your location may result in the suspension of location-based features.


4. Collection of other information

4.1 As with most websites and mobile applications, your device will send information that may contain information about you, and the web server will record this information when you browse the platform. This usually includes but is not limited to: your device’s IP address, computer or mobile device operating system and browser type, type of mobile device, characteristics of the mobile device, unique device identifier (UDID) or mobile device identifier of the mobile device (MEID), the address of the reference website (if any), and the webpage and time of your visit when you are on our platform or mobile application, and sometimes cookies (can be disabled using browser preferences) to assist this platform remember your last visit information. When you log in, this information will be associated with your personal account. This information will also be included in anonymous statistics to help us understand how visitors use our platform.

4.2 Our mobile apps may use GPS, Wi-Fi and other technologies to collect accurate information about the location of your mobile device. We will collect, use, disclose and/or process this information for one or more "purposes", including but not limited to: location-based services you request, delivering relevant content to you based on your location, and through our services included in the mobile app allow you to share your location with other users. You can revoke our access to your location information through the device settings of most mobile devices. If you have any questions about how to disable location services on your mobile device, please contact your mobile device service provider or device manufacturer.

4.3 Because you browse pages on our website or mobile application, when you watch content, advertisements and access other software through our platform or this service, most of the same information will also be sent to us (including but not limited to IP Address, operating system, etc.), but your device will send us information about the content you viewed, advertisements, and/or the software and time of the service and the platform installed, not the page you viewed.



5.1 We or our authorized service providers and advertising partners may sometimes use "cookies" or other functions to enable us or third parties to collect or share information related to your use of this service or platform. These features help us improve the platform and services we provide, help us provide new services and features, and/or enable us or our advertising partners to provide you with more relevant content, including remarketing. "Cookies" are the identification codes stored on your computer or mobile device to record the data of the computer or device, and at the same time tell us how to use or visit this service or this platform, time, number of visitors, and other activities on our platform. We may link cookie information with personal data. Cookies are also linked to information about the products you choose to buy and the webpages you have viewed. This information will be used to track your shopping cart, deliver specific content related to your interests, enable our third-party advertising partners to provide advertisements on various websites on the Internet, perform data analysis, and monitor the use of this service.

5.2 If you want to reject the use of cookies, please select the appropriate settings on your browser. However, please note that if you do so, you may not be able to use the full functionalities of this platform or this service.


6. How do we use the information you provide us?

6.1 We may collect, use, disclose and/or process your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

 (a) Manage, operate, provide and/or process your use and/or access to our service and this platform (including but not limited to remembering your preferences), your relationship with us, and your user accounts opened by us;

(b) Respond to, process, complete transactions and/or meet your requirements for specific products and services, and inform you of service issues and unusual account operations;

(c) To implement our "Terms of Service" or any applicable user license agreement;

(d) Protect personal safety and rights, property or the safety of other persons;

(e) Identification, verification, due diligence or customer knowledge;

(f) Maintain and manage software updates and/or other updates and support that are occasionally required to ensure the smooth operation of this service;

(g) To handle or promote customer service, execute your instructions, handle or respond to all inquiries made by you or on your behalf (or claiming to be you or on your behalf);

(h) For the purpose of executing and/or managing your relationship with us, or for the purpose of using this service, to contact you through voice calls, text messages and/or fax messages, email and/or mail or other methods of communication, such as but not limited to conveying management information related to this service to you. You understand and agree that we have to communicate with you by mail, documents and notices, and your specific personal information may be revealed outside the envelope/mail package during the delivery process;

(i) To facilitate other users to interact with you on this platform, connect with you or see some of your activities on this platform, including when another user sends you a private message on this platform or posts a message to you, notify you of your comments or contact you through the community function on this platform;

(j) Conduct research, analysis and development activities (including but not limited to data analysis, questionnaire surveys, product and service development and/or analysis) to analyze your use of this service, recommend products or services related to your interests, Improve our services or products and/or enhance your customer experience;

(k) Allow audits and surveys to confirm the size and composition of the target audience and understand their experience with the service;

(l) For marketing or advertising purposes, through various communication media and modes, to send you relevant products and/or services that VDarts (and/or its affiliates or affiliates) may be selling, marketing or promoting ( Including but not limited to the marketing and promotional information and materials of third-party products and/or services that may be co-operated with or jointly provided by VDarts, regardless of whether the product or service currently exists or will be established in the future; you can use e-marketing at any time, the unsubscribe function in the data to cancel the acceptance of marketing information. We may use your contact information to send you newsletters or marketing information for us or our affiliated companies.

(m) Responding to legal procedures or complying with any applicable laws, government or regulatory requirements in the relevant jurisdiction or we have reason to believe that disclosure is necessary, including but not limited to the basis for binding VDarts or its affiliates. Any legal requirements in accordance with the disclosure requirements (including but not limited to, if required by applicable laws and regulations, disclosure of your name, contact information and company information);

(n) Generate statistics and research results in response to internal and statutory reporting and/or record keeping requirements;

(o) Perform due diligence or other filtering actions (including but not limited to background checks) in accordance with legal or regulatory obligations or our risk management procedures (according to legal requirements or implemented by us);

(p) Audit our service or VDarts' business;

(q) Prevent or investigate any actual or possible violation of our terms of service, fraud, illegal activities, negligence or improper behavior, to understand whether these behaviors are related to your use of the service and whether they are caused by your relationship with us;

(r) Respond to any claimed or actual claims against VDarts, or other claims that the content infringes the rights of third parties;

(s) Storage, custody, backup (whether for disaster recovery or other purposes) of your personal data, whether in or outside of your jurisdiction;

6.2 You understand and agree that if required by law, or according to a court order, or required by any government or competent authority that has jurisdiction over VDarts, or if it is deemed necessary based on good faith, VDarts may access, save and disclose your account information and content to:

(a) Comply with legal procedures;

(b) To implement the requirements of any competent authority having jurisdiction over VDarts;

(c) Fulfill the VDarts terms of service or this privacy policy;

(d) Respond to any claims that are actually or possibly unfavorable to VDarts or other claims that the content of this platform infringes the rights of third parties;

(d) Respond to your customer service request;

(e) Protect the rights, property or personal safety of VDarts, its users and/or the public.

6.3 Since the purpose for which we will/may collect, use, disclose or process your personal data depends on the circumstances at the time. This purpose may not appear in the above items however, we will inform you of this other purpose when we obtain your consent, unless the privacy law allows us to process the applicable data without your consent.

7. How does VDarts protect and save customer information?

7.1 We implement various security measures to ensure that your personal data is safe on our system, but inevitably, we cannot guarantee absolute security. The user's personal data is included behind the secure network, and only limited employees with special access rights to the system can access it.

7.2 We will store personal data in accordance with the privacy law and/or other applicable laws. In other words, in our reasonable opinion

(i) Saving the personal data no longer meets the purpose of collecting personal data;

(ii) When it is no longer necessary to save personal data for any legal or business purposes;

(iii) When there is no other legal interest to further save the personal data, we will immediately destroy your personal data or perform anonymization. If you stop using this platform or your permission to use this platform and/or this service is terminated or revoked, we will continue to store, use and/or disclose in accordance with the obligations stipulated in this privacy policy and privacy laws. According to applicable laws, we can safely dispose of your personal data without notifying you in advance.

8. Will VDarts disclose the information it collects from visitors to a third party?

8.1 When conducting business, we will/may need to provide third-party service providers, agents, affiliates and/or other third parties (regardless of whether they are located in Taiwan) reveal your personal information. The third-party service provider, agent and/or related company or affiliated company and/or other third parties may process your personal data on our behalf or in other ways for one or more of the above-mentioned purposes. This third party includes but is not limited to:

(a) Our subsidiaries, related companies and affiliated companies;

(b) Buyers or sellers you have traded or interacted with on this platform, or are related to your use of this service for the aforementioned purposes;

(c) Other users of this platform are based on the purposes described in this privacy policy;

(d) Contractors, agents, service providers and other third parties that we use to support our business. These include, but are not limited to, units that provide us with management or other services, such as mailing companies, logistics service providers, financial service providers, advertising and marketing partners, telecommunication companies, information technology companies, and data centers;

(e) The government or regulatory agency with jurisdiction over VDarts or permitted by Article 6.2;

(f) Integration, deprivation, reorganization, dissolution, or other sale or transfer (whether in the form of continuing operations or as part of bankruptcy, liquidation or similar proceedings) the buyer or other successor of some or all of VDarts’ assets, among which the personal data held by VDarts and related to the service, user information is also in the transferred assets; or is the counterparty of corporate asset transactions in which VDarts or any of its affiliates participates; and

(g) A third party to whom we disclose personal data for one or more purposes. The third party may collect and process your personal data for one or more purposes.

8.2 We may share statistical and demographic information related to users and their use of this service with advertising partners and third-party advertising, remarketing and/or solution providers.

8.3 For the avoidance of doubt, where privacy laws or other applicable laws allow organizations, such as us, to collect, use or disclose your personal data without your consent, the authority granted by such laws should continue being applicable. Subject to the foregoing and permitted applicable laws, we may use your personal data based on identified legal reasons to comply with our legal obligations, perform contractual obligations to you, realize legitimate interests, and any other reasons that take precedence over your data protection rights , Or when necessary in relation to legal claims.

8.4 Without our responsibility, a third party may illegally intercept or access the personal data sent to or contained in the website, the technology may malfunction or not work as expected, or someone may access or abuse it or misuse information. However, we will deploy reasonable security measures to protect your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Law, but we cannot guarantee absolute security, including but not limited to, in the case where we are not responsible, due to malicious and sophisticated dissatisfaction. Hacking attacks caused by unauthorized disclosures and other situations.

8.5 As stated in the VDarts terms of service, users who hold personal data of other users due to the use of this service (the "recipient") hereby agree to (i) comply with all personal data protection laws related to such data, (ii) Users who have collected their personal data by the recipient ("discloser") are allowed to delete their collected data from the recipient's database, and (iii) the revealer is allowed to review which revealer's data has been collected by the recipient. Each of the above (ii) and (iii) cases shall be in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws.

8.6 Regardless of any agreement in this policy, the seller shall comply with all applicable privacy laws. Any buyer’s personal data received from VDarts (i) shall not be used unless it is reasonably necessary to respond to the buyer’s inquiries and responses, process or complete the transaction. The buyer’s personal data, (ii) should avoid using such information outside the VDarts platform to contact the buyer; (iii) should not disclose such buyer’s personal data to any unauthorized third party without the buyer’s and VDarts’ prior written consent. The three parties, (iv) should take adequate security measures to protect the personal data of VDarts users held by them, and delete these data as soon as possible within a reasonable period after the completion of the transaction, and (v) if there is any potential data leakage or other such. In case of loss of user data, please notify the personal data protection supervisor of VDarts through


9. Information about children

9.1 This service is not applicable to children under 13 years of age. We will not deliberately collect or store any personal data or unidentifiable information of children under 13 years of age, and all parts of this platform or other services are not targeted at children under 13 years of age. Parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 13 should ensure that the child does not provide their personal information to this platform, otherwise it will be deemed that the child's parent or legal guardian acts on behalf of the child and is bound by it. We will close all accounts dedicated to children under the age of 13, and will remove and/or delete all personal data that we believe are submitted by children under the age of 13 who are not parents or legal guardian representatives.


10. Disclaimer regarding security and third-party websites

10.1 We do not guarantee the security of your personal data and/or other information provided on third-party websites. In order to maintain the security of the personal data we own or control about you, we have indeed implemented various security measures. After your personal data is included in the secure network, only limited people who have special access rights to the system and must keep the personal data confidential can access it. When you place an order or access personal data, we will provide a secure server for use. All personal data or sensitive information provided by you will be encrypted and stored in our database, and only the above-mentioned personnel can access it.

10.2 In an attempt to provide higher value, we may choose to link various third-party websites to this platform, or place third-party websites in the framework of this platform. We may also participate in co-branding and other relationships in order to provide visitors with e-commerce and other services and functions. The linked websites have individual and independent privacy policies and security measures. Even if the third party is related to us, we have no control over these linked sites, and each linked site has its own privacy and data collection practices that are not restricted by us. We may not receive information collected by co-branded partners or third-party websites (even if they are provided on our website or through our platform).

10.3 Therefore, we have no responsibility or obligation for the content, security measures (or lack of such security measures) and activities of these linked websites. These linked sites are provided for convenience only, so when you access these sites, you should do so at your own risk. Nevertheless, we still try to protect the integrity of this platform and the links placed on each website, so we welcome comments related to these linked sites (including but not limited to the situation where specific links cannot work).


11. Does VDarts send your information abroad?

11.1 Your personal data and/or information may be sent to a place outside of your country/region, where it will be stored or processed in accordance with this privacy policy and the privacy law. In most cases, your personal data will be stored in Taiwan, where our servers are set up. VDarts will only send your information abroad in compliance with privacy laws.


12. How to withdraw consent, remove, request access or modify the information you provided to us?

12.1 Withdrawal of consent

12.1.1 If you no longer agree to our collection, use and/or disclosure of personal data that is owned or controlled by us and related to you, please send an email to to our "personal data protection officer". Your application will be processed in accordance with these policy and privacy laws. However, if you withdraw your consent, it may mean that we will no longer be able to provide you with this service, and we may need to terminate your current relationship and/or contract with us.

12.2 Request to access or correct personal data

12.2.1 If you have an account with us, you can personally access and/or correct personal information currently owned or controlled by us through the "Account Settings" page of this platform. If you do not have an account with us, you can submit a written request to us for access and/or correction of personal data currently owned or controlled by us. You must provide sufficient information for us to ascertain your identity and the nature of your request so that we can process your request. Therefore, please send an email to to our "personal data protection officer" to submit your written request.

12.2.2 You can request to inquire about, read my personal data or request a copy (VDarts may charge necessary and reasonable fees), and we will provide relevant information within 15 days after obtaining sufficient information provided by you to handle the request. Personal information is provided to you. If we cannot respond to you within the aforementioned 15 days, we will inform you of the fastest possible time to provide you with the information you requested.

12.2.3 You can request to supplement, correct, delete, stop processing or use your personal data. After we obtain sufficient information provided by you to handle the request:

(a) Processing is completed within 30 days; and

(b) If personal information needs to be corrected or supplemented for reasons attributable to VDarts, we will notify the users who have provided the use according to the law after the correction or supplementation.


13. Questions, concerns or complaints? contact us 

13.1 If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact: